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Equalities- In The Streets LP ~EX DICK SPIKIE! - Loud Punk - Dead Beat Records

Equalities- In The Streets LP ~EX DICK SPIKIE!

$ 11.99

Equalities- 'In The Streets' LP.  When you think of Japanese pogo punk chances are you think of The Dick Spikie. The Equalities are a new Japanese pogo punk band featuring Tetsuatro of The Dick Spkie.  They play great heavy, crunchy medium paced p-u-n-k with no apologies and no slack. The lyrics are well-written and backed with the tough as nails music, it gives you just what you want to hear from a Dick Spikie related project.  The Equalities waste no time with their 10 song debut picking up right where Dick Spikie left off but this time with a bit of a COBRA influence.  Tough bare knuckled punk that any Casualties, Unseen, Oxymoron or Defiance fan will dig.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND PRETTY HARD TO FIND!!

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