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Eohippus/Lonely Planet Boy- Split 7” - Velocity Of Sound - Dead Beat Records

Eohippus/Lonely Planet Boy- Split 7”

$ 5.00

Eohippus/Lonely Planet Boy- Split 7”.  There's a very thin line between inspired dementia and stupid crap and Tardcore derelicts Eohippus finely straddle the line.  On this split they give us a and raw dunderheaded piss take on rock revealing a warped tunefulness rendered more effective by luring the listener into humming the chorus of ‘Bisquick in Bakersfield’, whatever the hell that means!  On the flip you get Lonely Planet Boy who go for a sad downer folky rock gem called ‘Pets’.  Notably more serious than Eohippus, making for a really odd pairing for a split.  7” LIMITED TO 500 HAND NUMBERED COPIES ON BABY BLUE WAX!!

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