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Eohippus- Live Life On Opium 7” - Velocity Of Sound - Dead Beat Records

Eohippus- Live Life On Opium 7”

$ 5.00

Eohippus- Live Life On Opium 7”.  Imagine the smelly kid who spent seventh grade with his hand down his pants, saved his boogers in a jar and told girls in a deadly serious tone that he was going to get them pregnant. Now imagine three of those kids in a band. That’s Eohippus who come farting and ejaculating on the scene with this homemade masterpiece of tastelessness.  Bands like the Spits, Sockeye, Live Fast Die and Nobunny got nothing on Eohippus when it comes to the most idiotic music ever created.  Songs like ‘Live Life On Opium’ and ‘Burn To Burn’ should give you an idea of where these guys are coming from.  RELEASED BY THE BAND IN AND EDITION OF 500 COPIES INCLUDING SOME WIERD ODBALL SIGNATURE FOR CONFIRMATION IN CASE ANYONE TRIES TO BOOT THIS THING.  HA HA!!

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