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Elektrocution- Vagina Dentata 10” - Yakisakana - Dead Beat Records

Elektrocution- Vagina Dentata 10”

$ 10.49

Elektrocution- Vagina Dentata 10”.  A french band playing the Blues? Why not. Hazy mornings, open roads, broken bottles and cheap guitars look the same in every place on Earth. So, by late 2000, five guys decided to offer their own vision of twisted blues rock. The result is something that swings, grooves, beats, hollers like nobody else.  This is their earliest release and is pretty hard to find. The Elektrocution has made a name in the french underground with their unique blend of pissed-off blues and manic pop anthems, and have been kindly compared to acts like Oblivians, Hot Snakes, The Hives, RFTC, 80's french rock heroes The Dogs and even the early Stooges and MC5.

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