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Electric Bunnies- Through The Magical Door LP - Floridas Dying - Dead Beat Records

Electric Bunnies- Through The Magical Door LP

$ 11.99

Electric Bunnies- Through The Magical Door LP. Electric Bunnies is a band that’s hard to pin down: inside one of the most elaborate packaging jobs of late (featuring a playable board game inside the gatefold, including sheets of perforated playing pieces) is a record that’s oddly undistinguished if not ambitious for its scene.  The Electric Bunnies have been both praised and panned for the eclectic nature of their singles and with their first full-length the naysayers should be silenced. This is their most cohesive release to date with eleven tracks which weave in and out of each other working more as two sides then as eleven free-standing songs. This is seriously a modern psychedelic masterpiece.  Think Spacemen 3/JAMC- garage broken up by blasts of noisy punk.  And notably the Spacemen 3 comparison is apt for once, when they shift into that gear they ease up on the aggression a bit, although things get a bit spikier on the b-side.   In the end, the fact that it’s easy to name their influences kind of damns this to “sounds like…” territory, but based on their visual aesthetic and the tunes they bring to the table on this one, they're definately a band to keep an eye on.  Mind blowing packaging on this one and LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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