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Ego Summit- The Room Isn't Big Enough LP ~EX GIBSON BROTHERS! - 540 - Dead Beat Records

Ego Summit- The Room Isn't Big Enough LP ~EX GIBSON BROTHERS!

$ 12.99

Ego Summit- The Room Isn't Big Enough LP.  Cool reissue of this legendary Columbus, Ohio supergroup blow-out from 1997, featuring the late Jim Shepard (V3/Vertical Slit), Michael Hummel (Mike Rep & The Quotas), Tommy Jay, Ron House (Great Plains/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments) and Don Howland (Gibson Brothers/Bassholes). This massive slab pretty much laid down the blueprint for a whole new brand of idiosyncratically destroyed DIY Punk/Folk/Blues/Rock N Roll with a bunch of hard thinking loners channelling a whole heap of tunes verging-on-sociopathic alienation, cheap beer and as serious as your life poetry with all of the disembowelling formal fury and no-fi aesthetic of The Dead C, Half Japanese and Hasil Adkins. The individual voices are instantly recognisable. Shepard plays some scaborous no-fi blues with visions of apocalyptic American culture, populating the kind of outlaw balladry of Peter Laughner or Roky Erickson. Tommy Jay’s vocals are unmistakable and he catches that perfect basement psychedelic/rural feel that lit up his classic Tall Tales Of Trauma LP. Mike Rep brings the Punk blasters, Ron House power crys over the whole damn deal and Howland comes over like a gut-bucket Iggy & The Stooges. That no one fucking bothered to follow their trails, at the time, is beyond me. A totally superior listen, by a bunch of cats who are their own best fans, and know why. Now you do too. Classic stuff here!

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