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Effects Precede Causes- Dawn of Day LP - Stankhouse - Dead Beat Records

Effects Precede Causes- Dawn of Day LP

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Effects Precede Causes- Dawn of Day LP.  Effects Precede Causes is a Portland based band. They're relatively new, so there is little info on them, but I do believe that the band is made up of various band members from various D.I.Y. folk bands from that area. The sound of the LP produced from that mess is a bit hard to pin down. No one is doing music quite like these guys. It's a weird mix of current and old style folk along with a little bit of a '40s and '50s pop in there as well. There's also no scruffiness to the sound either. The sound is very clean and the lead singer must have been in some singing classes growing up.  The songs tend to follow a formula of a constant rhythm and melody with an instrument popping in for a few seconds to add a quick touch to the song. Opener "Come On" is great in its simple mantra of doing everything capsuled in the song's jangly piano and sweet vocals. The record dives into two slower jams with "You Picked A Fine Day To Say" a cry about losing a love that has a great 60's wilting guitar line.  The Dawn of the Day winds up being just as different as everything Stankhouse has put out before, but for totally different reasons. The LP is both very familiar, but quirky at the same time. If you see it in a record shop, it wouldn't be a bad buy to add to your collection.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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