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Eddie Mooney And The Grave- I Bought Three Eggs 7” ~REISSUE!

Eddie Mooney And The Grave- I Bought Three Eggs 7” ~REISSUE!

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Eddie Mooney And The Grave- I Bought Three Eggs 7”.  Very cool reissue of this legendary and hard to find band. Both of these songs are great melodic bouncy Punk Rock tunes in the vein of the Boys, Undertones and Buzzcocks. Eddie Mooney And The Grave recorded the bizarrely intriguing A-side ‘I Bought Three Eggs’ in a Manchester Student Hall in 1978 and the song quickly began to built momentum. Both of these songs were initially released on the ‘Identity Parade’ compilation released in 1979 on TJM Records home to bands like Slaughter And The Dogs, V2 and Skewdriver at the time. That compilation appearance was supposed to help build interest for the official release of this two song single, but the label began to have financial issues. The single made it to the test pressing stage, but the label had folded before the single could officially be released. After the ‘Identity Parade’ compilation was released John Peel almost immediately began playing the wierdly funny song ‘I Bought Three Eggs’ and the band began to built a cult following in the UK and throughout Europe. This single reissues both songs from the ‘Identity Parade’ compilation that were originally slated to be released as this 7”. A very cool slice of late 70’s punk with liner notes by Eddie Mooney himself! Recommended. Import from Germany.

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