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Dyna Jets- She’s Magnetic 10” ~CRAMPS!

Dyna Jets- She’s Magnetic 10” ~CRAMPS!

$ 14.49
Dyna Jets- She’s Magnetic 10”. The Future Primitives are gone and they left a path of destruction that bllew the brains of many around the globe. Outta the ashes of Future Primitives come the Dyna Jets who keep that raw and primitive torch burning bright way down south in South Africa. Groovin madman Johnny Tex comes screaming atchya with guitars blazing and some haunting echo on the vox while Warren Fisher hits mean and hard and really hammers these scuzzo tunes home. It’s a warped cocktail of Hasil Adkins, The Oblivians, early Cramps and a little Gun Club with that same quality of song writing that made the Future Primitives such a great band. Recommended. Import from Portugal.

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