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THE FREEZE- 'Rabid Reaction/Land Of The Lost' CD - Dr Strange - Dead Beat Records

The Freeze- Rabid Reaction/Land Of The Lost CD ~REISSUE!

$ 11.49

The Freeze- Rabid Reaction/Land Of The Lost CD.  You can't think early 80's hardcore without thinking THE FREEZE. They were right there at the heart of the Boston punk scene since day one! These two releases; Land of the Lost and Rabid Reaction epitomize hardcore punk rock at it's finest. It's that simple because it's true. Ferocious guitar work by Bill Close along side the demented ranting of Cliff Hanger make this a MUST have Punk Rock release. As a bonus there’s also some never before versions of FREEZE songs from their 1982 "Guilty Face" sessions. That's 26 songs total with Rabid Reaction being the high point in the Freeze’s extremely lengthy rich back catalog!!!!

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