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V/A- 'Barricaded Suspects' CD - Dr Strange - Dead Beat Records

V/A- 'Barricaded Suspects' CD

$ 11.00

V/A- 'Barricaded Suspects' CD.  This is a reissue of this classic LP and marks quite a land mark.  This is Septic Deaths first vinyl appearance and Toxic Shock Records very first Release (TX-LP-01 1983). The Septic Death track is a live track of Eye Missing taken from their set Aug 28 1983 with the FU's. A studio version of this song has never been released.  The artwork is done by Pushead and also includes some way hard to find gems from PEACE CORPSE, HUMAN THERAPY, RED TIDE, KILLROY, ROMULANS, KNOCKABOUTS, ABSCESS, SUBURBAN MUTILATION, SEPTIC DEATH, DULL, MASSACRE GUYS, DECRY, ROACH MOTEL, BONDED IN UNITY,  MAD PARADE, HUNDREDTH MONKEY, VISION/DECAY, HUE & CRY and includes bonus tracks not on the original LP from THE DULL, PEACE CORPSE, PILLSBURY HARDCORE AND THE ZIMBO CHIMPS.  This comp. was pretty monumental when it came out, and still holds the test of time.  A nice slice of the early 80’s HC scene.. 

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