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Doo Rag- Hussy Bowler 7” Ex Bob Log III - Toxic Shock - Dead Beat Records

Doo Rag- Hussy Bowler 7” Ex Bob Log III

$ 5.49

Doo Rag- Hussy Bowler 7”. Duo hailing from Tucson, Arizona, whose music may be best described as lo-fi blues-trash. Whilst Bob Log III howled and modeled his repetitive guitar style on Mississippi Fred McDowell, Thermos Malling hammered out percussion on bits of junk metal placed on the ground.  This is the first recording from the band and released on fellow Tuscon label Toxic Ranch.  After six years of making music, and weary of touring, Malling abruptly quit the band in the middle of a U.S. tour with Ween, leaving Log without a percussionist.  Log decided to continue the tour alone as a one-man band, playing guitar and kicking a guitar case to keep the beat.  He later continued on as a solo artist under the neam Bob Log III.

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