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DON HELLIONS- 'Unrequited Like' 7" - Stankhouse - Dead Beat Records

DON HELLIONS- 'Unrequited Like' 7"

$ 5.00

DON HELLIONS- 'Unrequited Like' 7".  It's been years since I've tortured a defenseless, undersized piece of vinyl with the same remorseless vigor I have the new Unrequited Like seven-inch by Don Hellions, subjecting it to relentless turntable rotations that will inevitably wear out its fragile little grooves. Don Hellions are Portland's princes of lo fi spazz rock, a comet spinning out of excited desperation propelled by songwriter Chris Hoganson great writing abilities.  Lucky for listeners, the title track is a spazzy gem of total pop destruction and isn’t a letdown from the heights of its overt loveless title.  That tune  alone will definately suck you in and leave this little sevvy in the front of your 45 pile for more than a few weeks.  Fans of stuff like the Vivian Girls, Electric Bunnies or Times New Viking will dig.

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