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Dogbeats- Rock N Roll Tsunami LP ~GLUECIFER!

Dogbeats- Rock N Roll Tsunami LP ~GLUECIFER!

$ 15.99
Dogbeats- Rock N Roll Tsunami LP.  The Dogbeats are an awesomely tangled mess of souped up, lubed up and fucked up high energy Rock 'n' Roll. This fuckin things starts off with ‘Bullet In My Head’ and dishes the sweet 'n nasty sonic tonic that’ll perfectly accompany your next rager. This LP is packed with twleve songs of full on nasty action rock ala the Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Chuck Norris Experiment and the Dwarves. A fun ride spewing with bristling red-hot licks and full throttle, sexed-up anthems from a band I’d never heard before. Beefy rock ‘n fuckin roll from Spain. Import on Ghost Highway Recordings.

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