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Discourse- S/T 7” ~RARE GOLD WAX! - Bitter Melody - Dead Beat Records

Discourse- S/T 7” ~RARE GOLD WAX!

$ 5.49

Discourse- S/T 7”.Hard-hitting from the first chord. Discourse had me hooked from the first guttural grunt of anguish 10 seconds into the first track ‘End In Sight’. They play this shit relentless and their execution is flawless. A nice barrage of of heavy, violent hardcore here. It reminds me of other Mayfly Records alumni like Incendiary, and Suburban Scum, but Discourse maintain their own originality. Also has a little heavy 90s HC influences bringing to mind bands like Indecision, Turmoil and Buried Alive, but drawing more on the chaotic heavier side of those bands. Keep an eye on these guys, this single rips. THESE ARE ON THE LIMITED GOLD WAX!

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