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Disco Lepers- Open Sores 7" ~EX GAGGERS! - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Disco Lepers- Open Sores 7" ~EX GAGGERS!

$ 6.49

Disco Lepers- Open Sores 7".  London's most retarded and rabid KBD snotbags are back with one depraved and diseased slab of wax. Disco Lepers continue their quest to keep punk music vile and offensive with this killer three-song sonic missile called "Open Sores". The title track is a total smasher - the kind of irresistibly repugnant ditty that you've grown to expect from this lovable gang of scums. And that song is backed by two filthy, obnoxious, in your face punk smashers...think the nastiest elements of the Jabbers, the Rotters, Vomit Pigs and the Lewd dragged through the filthy pox-ridden streets of London. Nasty stuff as expected here from ex members of THE GAGGERS and MISCALCULTIONS! RECOMMENDED!

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