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The Dirty Babies- S/T LP - Wood Shampoo - Dead Beat Records

The Dirty Babies- S/T LP

$ 10.99
The Dirty Babies- S/T LP. The Dirty Babies are Punk Rockers. They collect records by DMZ, The Count Five, Gravedigger Five, Flamin' Groovies and The Pagans and are pretty well versed in their Pebbles, Nuggets, Back from the Grave comps. They sleep with the TV on. They pick their noses. They wear the same socks for several days in a row. They may or may not have a past with heroin, switchblades and teenage street-gangs. Pizzas spin on turntables after they have parties. The Dirty Babies didn't learn about Iggy & The Stooges from The White Stripes. They don't understand how the internet works, so they had to learn about the bands they love from reading liner notes in old fanzines. The LP is LIMITED TO 500 COPIES.

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