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Dirty Filthy Mugs- 'Half Pint' CD - Brapp - Dead Beat Records

Dirty Filthy Mugs- 'Half Pint' CD

$ 10.00
Dirty Filthy Mugs- 'Half Pint' CD.  Calling all hooligans, The Dirty Filthy Mugs are back with another round. So go collect all your empties, turn them in for some cash and get your hands on this little bad boy because you will NOT want to stop listening to it.  Think The Dropkick Murphys before they tried channeling The Chieftains (The Meanest of Times) add a lot of alcohol, the Pogues, some Toy Dolls and a good dose of puke, and what you got is The Dirty Filthy Mugs.  Boasting members of the Swinging Utters, The Gain, Viva Hate and Big In Japan along with having Blag from the Dwarves engineer the record, you know you’re in for a real treat here. 

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