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Destruction Unit/Black Sunday- 'Split' LP - FDH - Dead Beat Records

Destruction Unit/Black Sunday- 'Split' LP

$ 11.00
Destruction Unit/Black Sunday- 'Split' LP. Black Sunday (Alicja Trout's bedroom, solo, mad-science project) births a new and increasingly experimental collection of recordings, all risen from the loose soil of her Tronic Graveyard in Memphis, TN.  This record pushes Alicja Trout's sound forward, straight from the brain with total control, while weaving all the boundary pushing tendencies through a format that also somehow embraces her trademark synth-heavy (ballsy) atmospheres, in harmony with those punk rock and garage rock meanderings.   Backing Black Sunday are Ryan Wong of the Wongs, Tokyo Electron and Digital Leathers other project, Destruction Unit.  These are the first Destruction Unit recordings in 4 years. The songs were written and recorded by Ryan and Shawn Foree of Digital Leather.  Some will hate it, some will love it.  It is a lot different than the old Unit. Less aggresive and more Kraut rock oriented.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND THEY COME WITH A BONUS CD!  GET EM WHILE YOU CAN.  THESE HAVE ALREADY SOLD OUT THROUGH THE LABEL!!

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