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Deformity-  Shards 7” - La Vida Es Un Mus - Dead Beat Records

Deformity- Shards 7”

$ 6.49

Deformity- Shards 7”.  After a string of great demos and an aborted EP DEFORMITY finally see their first release on vinyl. Three high intensity HC songs which sound aggressive and noisy. Hailing from NYC they have a youthful approach to an old formula. DISORDER, DISCHARGE, STOOGES, CONFUSE. This release is a great introduction to the band's wild brand of punky hardcore. The title track is hands-down their catchiest and best song to-date. It also emphasizes the band's obsession with noisy, guitar freakouts/wankoffs and is punctuated with a simple, brutal solo. 500 press and comes housed in a nice looking silk-screen pocket sleeve.

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