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Dead Ghosts- Rarities LP - Bachelor - Dead Beat Records

Dead Ghosts- Rarities LP

$ 12.99

Dead Ghosts- Rarities LP.  Dead Ghosts, the surf-minded Vancouver garage bashers, have unleashed a new collection of—you guessed it—rarities. The collection of songs you can find here are a mix of songs from OOP singles, outtakes, live versions, covers and a few unreleased song. These 13 songs aren't a bunch of throwaways, this is a legitimately strong long-player. Tracks like "Messed Up" have this warbling, far-away quality, which makes this thing sounds like unearthed Nuggets fare. Then there are ramped-up covers of the Gories' "Thunderbird ESQ" and Penatrators' "Teenage Lifestyle" that are really good. My personal favourite from this is “Camanche” which has to be one of the most raucous songs of the year! Worth looking into if you’re a Dead Ghosts fan. These are limited to 500 copies.

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