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Discreet Doll Band- Talkin In My Sleep 7" - Rich Bitch - Dead Beat Records

Discreet Doll Band- Talkin In My Sleep 7"

$ 5.50

Discreet Doll Band- Talkin In My Sleep 7".  What the heck is this thing????? There's no info at all enclosed  and no dates to be found....!!!!!! If this is a pirate of an old rare and long out of print single then I ain't hip to 'em even though I am old!!!!!!!! If this is new stuff then I still ain't hip to 'em 'till now, and I gotta say this record is just fuked up enough for me to dig!!!!!!!  It's got the poor  man's production.....badly played, crummy plain jane looking cover art....nice....!!!!! More or less sounds like it was farted out of some  garage in 1976 and consisted of a diet of DOLLS, SIMPLY SAUCER, BERLIN  BRATS, JONESES, CRIME, THUNDERTRAIN, AGENT ORANGE, BPEOPLE, and GIZMOS!!!!!  Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.  LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!!

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