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MOTORAMA- 'Psychotronic Is The Beat!' CD - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

MOTORAMA- 'Psychotronic Is The Beat!' CD

$ 11.00

MOTORAMA- 'Psychotronic Is The Beat!' CD. The brash and bratty MOTORAMA have been bashing skins and destroying strings since their infantile inception in 2000. This two piece, debaucherous duo from Rome have really honed their low brow, mid-fidelity skills over the years and are back with another bass-less dose of blues bent trash. ‘Psychotronic Is The Beat!’ is MOTORAMA’s 2nd full length and packs 12 booze filled tracks of guitar heavy squaller from two ladies who ain’t too rough on the eyes. Imagine Kim Deal fronting the Oblivians and churning out riff after riff of raw primitive garage rock. MOTORAMA stear clear of the cutesy ‘boy crazy’ realm like many of their femme rock contemporaries. Instead they opt to plow through song after song of raw, thunderous caveman rock where the guitars screams as loud as the vocals and the chords flawlessly spew from the band like venom from an agitated Viper . Whether intended or not, when I listen to ‘Psychotronic Is The Beat!’, I do hear an underlying aura of brut Feminism gushing from the speakers in a very self confidant ‘ya we’re broads and we can rock it better than the dudes’ sorta way without delving into any of those areas lyrically. The mid fi production really brings out the filthy, nasty guitar scuzz which has always been an essential part of MOTORAMA’s sound since the band began. Musically the songs owe as much to early Jon Spencer as they do to the Gories, Bikini Kill, Red Aunts or the Headcoatees and show that MOTORAMA can definately write grade A rock n roll tunes like the best of ‘em. ‘Psychotronic Is The Beat!’ includes 11 new MOTORAMA rippers and a tweaked take on Gang Of Four’s ‘Damaged Goods’. ‘If You Could See Me’ is a collaboration between the band and Margaret from the Demolition Doll Rod where Margaret plays lead guitar and handles lead vocal duties, while the band plays and sings back ups. It’s also the only track on the album where the band briefly lets their gaurd down and shows more of their sensitive side. It’s a mellow, downer track to close the otherwise buzzsaw heavy guitar crunch of the rest of the record and adds a nice somber outro to another killer MOTORAMA record. Long time MOTORAMA fans won’t be disappointed. Newbies into stuff like Mika Miko, the Intellectuals, the Husbands, Headcoatees, Juanita Y Los Feos, Black Sunday or the Demolition Doll Rods will definitely dig.

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