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INTELLECTUALS- 'Invisible Is The Best' CD - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

INTELLECTUALS- 'Invisible Is The Best' CD

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INTELLECTUALS- 'Invisible Is The Best' CD.  Well well well, Rome's premier garbage can derelecits have unleasehed their highly anticipated follow up to 'Black! Domina! Now!'. With an aresenal of warped Oblivians, Gories, Fireworks and '68 Comeback records, the INTELLECTUALS infiltrated the Temple Of Noise studios in Rome to record 'Invisible is the Best.' 'Invisible...' prominantly places Guitar Boy, Drum Girl and Key Tee at the peak of the INTELLECTUALS "career". 14 tracks of hook laden, blues drenched, keys skronk that covers quite the gamut musically and lyrically. From the opening cut of 'Vinyl Junkie Paranoia' where they lament the need to fulfill their glutonous record buying habits to the playful and clever 'Fichetti' where they sing/scream about hipsters. Are they saying THEY are hipsters or are the lyrics from an outsiders perspective. Hmm. 'Invisible Is The Best' is just a fun record. And like past and present trash comrades the Mummies, Fe Fi Fo Fums, Okmoniks and Supercharger, the INTELLECTUALS just sound like they're having a care free, blast bashing through these 14 low brown, fuzzed out garage tunes. I don't mean to undermine their catchy and creative writing because the songs are really, I mean REALLY, catchy. But the INTELLECTUALS geunuine, unfeigned enthusiasm is what makes 'Invisible Is The Best' an album that will revered by both garage and rock n roll fans in the years to come.  RECCOMENDED!!

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