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Throbbin Urges- S/T CD - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

Throbbin Urges- S/T CD

$ 11.00

THROBBIN URGES- 'S/T' CD.  Debut full length here from these Michigan degenerates.  Loud, incorrigible scuzz-punk with frenzied beats, white-hot, overblown blasts of treble, and all sorts of other great stuff.  They sound just barely in control and that's actually a big part of what makes this record so great.  Stupid-wonderful titiles like “Get Rad” and “Remote Control Pussy” provide as much background as you need!  Maybe it’s the weird keyboard intro, but when I listen to this record, I want it to be the soundtrack to Surf Nazis must die. Did I mention that I love this? No? Well I love this. Straight from their practice space to vinyl, and nothing lost on the way. This is just totally awesome!!  If you like The Pagans, Reatards, Guitar Wolf, Tenngenerate, Carbonas, Feelers etc. pick this up.

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