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DEAN DIRG- '26 Kicks To Make The Whole Worl Pay' CD - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

DEAN DIRG- '26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay' CD

$ 11.00

DEAN DIRG- '26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay' CD.   DEAN DIRG dish out the ass kicking garage-core. Take NEGATIVE APPROACH and cross it with HENRY FIAT’s OPEN SORE and DEAN DIRG is what you get. It’s all amped up rock n roll with a meanness to it. It seriously reminds me of a garage band covering “Tied Down”. For local Candadians DEAN DIRG would be TEEN CRUD COMBO replacing their MOTORHEAD riffs for SOA back to basics punk. DEAN DIRG’s short blasts of punk will knock hipsters on their a**s. Think of DEAN DIRG as a punk rock dividing rod, instead of separating the wheat from the shaft, they separate the punks from the poseurs. Too underground for their own good but too good to be kept a secret. Their back to basics punk n roll will appeal to fans of the REGULATIONS looking for a little more gusto. Dead Beat’s CD collects DEAN DIRG’s self titled LP and their “Last Kid on the Block” LP. Once you have been convinced of the greatness of this band you will need to hunt down the 10” and their split with HFOS. Start here first.

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