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TAXI- 'Who's To Blame' 7" ~PRE GIUDA - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

TAXI- 'Who's To Blame' 7" ~PRE GIUDA

$ 6.49

TAXI- 'Who's To Blame' 7".  Here it is, the LIMITED EDITION tour single that was released in connection with their last US tour!  This sucker sounds like it was recorded in 1979. Looks like it too. Just look at that classic cover! It's as if they took all of the great higher-fidelity records from punk's first few years and said: "this is what we will do." Like the Dead Boys, Dictators and Vibrators, they do it well. Degenerate sounds that would make Stiv Bators proud!!  Think Eddie & The Hot Rods/PVC/(early) Slade along with with a strong touch of vintage dirty 70’s glam. GREAT! 

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