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LUCKY PUNCH- 'Kick Up A  Hullabaloo' LP - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

LUCKY PUNCH- 'Kick Up A Hullabaloo' LP

$ 11.00

LUCKY PUNCH- 'Kick Up A  Hullabaloo' LP.  The Lucky Punch are like the Hellacopters with an extra dose of 70’s arena rawk runnin’ through their bones. The riffs fly at you like Chinese stars in a Sonny Chiba movie, the hooks are mountainous, and there’s an air of total victory here so palpable you can snort it. For the price of one measly HJ, you can get the honky-tonkin’ Segerboogie of the title track, the full-bore power rock anthem “Hell of a Ride”, the ZZ-topisms of “So What You Gonna Do About It” and lots of other swanky numbers. “Back in the Days”, for example, is a dead-on throwback to ‘story rock’ like AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock” or, well, just about anything by Black Oak Arkansas, which is just perfect for a song ABOUT 70’s FM rock. A tasty and tasteful ode to the superbosses of yore. If you want a little Backyard Babies style flash rock, check out the relentless “Never Gonna Know What You Haven’t Tried”, or if yer in the mood for shit-kicker tinged van rock, dig closer in “Far Out (Still Trying to Get Back in)”. I guess what I mean to say is, if yer looking for just about ANY kinda rock – the manly, running with the wolves stuff, than Lucky Punch are for you!!

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