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BAD MACHINE- 'Rip Your Heart' CD - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

BAD MACHINE- 'Rip Your Heart' CD

$ 11.00

BAD MACHINE- 'Rip Your Heart' CD.  Well if you're looking at this, I'm sure your'e familiar with BAD MACHINE.  They've toured Europe numerous times, toured the US once.  This is their incredibly hard to find first LP.  Dead Beat Records is an unassuming label with an uncanny ability to dig up some great rock bands. And Bad Machine is no exception. They might look like Bad Company -- but they've got an extremely different sound! They're sporting some very very tough and technically proficient rock and roll. I'm thinking Didjits, Hellacopters and the Stooges might be a big influence here... They've got the same vibe going on with the monster guitar solos and that same tongue wagging riffage.   Actually, a couple of the songs, sound anthemic enough to be a Naked Raygun song played by Cat Scratch era Ted Nugent. And if that doesn't pique your interest, nothing will. This is definitely worth checking out!!!

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