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Gee Strings- Arrest Me CD ~AVENGERS!

Gee Strings- Arrest Me CD ~AVENGERS!

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Gee Strings- Arrest Me CD.  I’ve been interested in this band since the first time I’d seen a description for them in an old Incognito Records mailorder catalog years ago. I knew they were a female fronted punk band from Germany who get compared to the Avengers alot, so I was curious to check ‘em out. After finally trackin’ this sucker down, I can say that they do have a pretty solid snotty modern Avengers feel to them. The songs are really well written and each tune has an almost anthemic vocal quality to them, which is what I’ve always liked about the Avengers in the first place. They utilize a good pogo heavy throbbing bass line so each song is bouncy ‘n fun and the vocals are at the forefront of the hooks. The vocals (and choruses) are big and melodic but spat with a healthy dose of punk snot and aggression and they work well with the guitar player who totally shreds. They even belt out a rather healthy rendition of the Avengers classic "Thin White Line". If you’re into bands like the Avengers, Dils, Weirdos, No Talents or Neighborhood Brats, you’ll get a kick out of this one. Recommended.

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