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B-Movie Rats/Hellbenders- Split CD - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

B-Movie Rats/Hellbenders- Split CD

$ 11.00

B-Movie Rats/Hellbenders- Split CD.  Both these bands would have fit in really well on the “Fistful of Rock n Roll” comps. Both play pretty fast, straightforward punk n roll.  Think Electric Frankenstein or Candy Snatchers and yer on the right track. B Movie Rats are great and definately start off the record well, but Hellbenders are definitely the reason to buy this. Their 'Pop Rock Suicide' album is a stone cold classic and their songs on this split are right up their if not better.  If yer diggin on shit like Nashville Pussy, Zeke, the Candy Snatcher or Devil Dogs, this'll more than satisfy your Rock N Roll Fix.

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