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Sick Thoughts- My Mess My Life LP ~ KILLER! - Dead Beat - Dead Beat Records

Sick Thoughts- My Mess My Life LP ~ KILLER!

$ 11.99

SICK THOUGHTS- My Mess My Life LP. De-gen Scumfucs SICK THOUGHTS continue to pick their Garage Punk scabs and stab their way through this atrociously, awesome ripper. 'My Mess My Life' fully lives up to it's pessimistically, seething name by spewing an undeniable arsenal of grimy, scumtastic hits. Echoes of the Pagans, Reatards, Oblivians and GG Allin are screamin' outta this nihilistic, fuzz-fucked, riff fest where SICK THOUGHTS effortlessly find their cathartic sweet spot lodged somewhere between hatred, intoxication and ineptitude. The burly, brazen riffs are splattered with snarling, bleeding guitar solos that just ooze Teen misanthropy through shredded, mangled chords and venomous, biting vox. 100% barbaric Rock N Roll all the way on this fucker from a band that just flat out rips.

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