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Dark Ages- Can America Survive? LP ~TIP-ON JACKET! - Sorry State - Dead Beat Records

Dark Ages- Can America Survive? LP ~TIP-ON JACKET!

$ 11.49

Dark Ages- Can America Survive? LP. I’ve been looking forward to this LP for quite some time now as I've been a fan of Dark Ages since they dropped their first demo back in 2007, and then followed the demo up with 2 excellent 7"s. On ‘Can America Survive’, the pedal is always on the floor and it's the weird little parts--quirky touches that remind one of Die Kreuzen's first LP or Hüsker Dü circa Everything Falls Apart--that really separate this band from the pack. I can’t think of any other band that captures the angry, alienated, and isolated sound of the midwest better than Dark Ages. Deluxe packaging on this one including a heavyweight, tip-on style sleeves, a 24"x26" poster, and a digital download card.

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