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DANSETTEN- Mask Rouletta LP - HJERNESPIND - Dead Beat Records

DANSETTEN- Mask Rouletta LP

$ 11.00

DANSETTEN- Mask Rouletta LP.  Well judging by the record cover you can tell yer not gettin the stardard punk record here. This is the new project of Rasmus from Amdi Petersens Armé and Young Wasteners, and sounds NOTHING like any of those bands whatsoever. Here he takes his musical skills to new heights and mixes his songwriting with inspiration from various postpunk acts, blues and even jazz into one heck of a record! Kinda reminds of the weird twisted mind of Ben Waller from the Rebel/Coutry Teasers mixed with some punk, jazz n noise all played together and morphed into songs. THIS RECORD IS DIFFERENT AND GREAT!! Top notch recording here too and not raw or trashy in the least. This is absolutely amazing and one of the best records from Denmark in a long time!!!!

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