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V/A- Dancehall Troops vol. 2 CD+  DVD BOX SET - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

V/A- Dancehall Troops vol. 2 CD+ DVD BOX SET

$ 15.49

V/A- Dancehall Troops vol. 2 CD+  DVD BOX SET.  Here it is!!! The No Front Teeth and Dogpile DVD!! This is the latest in the ‘Dancehall Troops’ series and follow’s last year’sDancehall Troops comp.  This package contains approximately four hours of pure, raw skate / punk mayhem including tons of never-seen-before footage from the likes of Duane Peters, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, The Briefs, Steve and Art Godoy, US Bombs, Resilience, Die Hunns, Smut Peddlers, Nazi Dogs, The Black Halos, Dayglo Abortions, Jaks Team, The Shivs, TV Smith, Bullet Treatment, Brian Brannon, Curb Slappys, The Jabbs, Texas Terri, Jason Jessee, Eddie Elguera, The Shocks, Blacklist Brigade, Midnight Creeps, The Cliftons, Christian Hosoi, Pat Ngoho, Disco Lepers and tons more. And also featuring The Street Brats, Deep Eynde, The Skulls, The Bombshells, The Skeptix, District, The Bones, Thug Murder, Hollowpoints, Jonny Manak, The Shitgiveits, Capitol Targets, Hit By A Semi, The Revolvers, Moped Lads and shitloads more. Also including music from Radio One, DC Snipers, The Feelers, Kevin K, The Put-Ons, The Inoculators, LiveFastDie, Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed, Rock ‘N’ Roll Stormtroopers, Mes and more!

Plus a full-length 42 track compilation CD featuring Radio Dead Ones, The Insurgence, The Shivs, Disco Lepers, Deadones USA, Serial Kreepers, Killing California, Johnny Cheapo, Kamikaze Sperm, Dead End Kids and loads more…this is a fucking sick package strictly for the scums!! Support the Independents!!!

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