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Dead As A Dodo- Ugly Babe 7” - Yakisakana - Dead Beat Records

Dead As A Dodo- Ugly Babe 7” ~SCREEN PRINTED COVERS!

$ 6.49

Dead As A Dodo- Ugly Babe 7”.  Debut single from Dead As A Dodo here and it's a total garage rock burner that teeters on the brink of collapse. . The vocals are off-key, the guitars and drums all sound frazzled and disconnected but it really works because they keep their neo-Nuggets sound alive with some really rockin tunes.  Hard, fast and noisy garage rock is the name of the game here as they turn sweet '60s tunes into behemoths of fuzz and hedonism.  Black Lips, Brimstone Howl, Oblivians and Gories fans need this one.  Cool looking screen printed covers too.  

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