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Cute Lepers- 'So Screwed Up' 7" - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Cute Lepers- 'So Screwed Up' 7"

$ 9.50

Cute Lepers- 'So Screwed Up' 7". Well Briefs fans, here it is...the 2nd and way hard to find single from Steve E Nix's new band the Cute Lepers.  It came out on a small label from Europe and went in out and of print in a few days.  This is a copy of the way OUT OF PRINT 2nd  press and you should notice a big difference in the sleeve design.  The cover on this pressing shows STEVE E NIX looking off to the right, as opposed to directely into the camera.  Also the background on the single is a yellowish off white , instead all white on the first pressing.  And probably the biggest difference is the cursive band name is scrawled all the way down the left hand side in a completely different font.  The first pressing had the band name written in block letters much smaller and on an angle in the upper left hand corner.   This copy is also on the LIMITED EDITION ORANGE WAX!!  The 7" includes a pull out insert that includes a few pics of the CUTE LEPERS!!  If you liked the first single, this ones a must have!!

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