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Cute Lepers- Tribute To Charlie 7” - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Cute Lepers- Tribute To Charlie 7”

$ 6.99

Cute Lepers- Tribute To Charlie 7”. The Cute Lepers (Ex members of the Briefs) are back spitting out two more power pop gems pioneered by greats like The Buzzcocks, The Beat, The Jam and The Boys. "Tribute To Charlie" is the opening track and rips in true Cute Lepers fashion. Really good mid fi punker that includes the best saxophone use in a punk song since The Saints "Know Your Product". Really killer tune. This song is an ode to UK Subs frontman Charlie Harper whom the band had a really close personal kinship with. Like everything the Leper colony spits out, this 7" is an undeniable ear worm that you really need to hear. 7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES.

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