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CRUNKY KIDS- 'Theories Of Hate And Time' 7" - My Minds Eye - Dead Beat Records

CRUNKY KIDS- 'Theories Of Hate And Time' 7"

$ 5.00

CRUNKY KIDS- 'Theories Of Hate And Time' 7". After 7 years of punishing hardcore and splits with Brody's Militia, Chainsaw, Conga Fury, and Zemezluc these Painsville, Ohio Hardcore vets are back with a new rager.  The music's in a Jap thrash / Eastern European Hardcore style with members of 9 Shocks Terror/H-100’s/Gordon Solie Motherf**kers/Inmates, Gag Reflex, Upstab…etc.   These new songs really make for a  unique sounding record especially the vocals which remind me of Cirith Ungol / Crucif**ks weirdness.  Wedge does vocals on Disclosed System and yes that’s a cartoon of Dee Dee Ramone as a bug on the cover.

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