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CROSS- Die Forever LP ~EX WARMER MILKS! - Sophmore Lounge - Dead Beat Records


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CROSS- Die Forever LP.  Warmer Milks founder Ma Turner is now reembracing the 1990s sounds of his youth in his new band Cross, in this case going right back to Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and the very birth of emotional grunge itself. I almost think of this band as a continuation of Warmer Milks, so it took me a couple listens to readjust and realize this is very much visual artist, R. Clint Colburn's, band as well. He writes four of the songs by himself, including the first two on the album. Turner writes two by himself, and the remaining four are by Turner/Colburn. And, where Turner is the sole credited guitarist and has more of a background vocal presence, Colburn is the sole credited lead vocalist on all tracks, using a smooth goth/grunge ballad style that occasionally rips into a most excellent Lizard King shriek. The grunge-ballad singing, as well as the crafty, hooky songwriting and a surprisingly professional and clean production style really work. They're deeply felt and carefully written, and what initially sounds kinda slick settles into a satisfying and psychedelic heaviness (props to the spot-on rhythm section of Jamie Adkins on bass and Jason Schuler on drums), sprinkled with odd bursts of noise guitar and sublimated demonic background choruses.

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