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Cro-Mags- Before The Quarrel LP ~AMAZING!! - Redrum - Dead Beat Records

Cro-Mags- Before The Quarrel LP ~AMAZING!!

$ 13.99

Cro-Mags- Before The Quarrel LP. BEFORE THE QUARREL is the Cro-Mags original demo that was originally intened to be the bands debut full length, but they didn’t have the money to press it so it never saw the light of day. The band later went back and recorded them and released them as The Age of Quarrel which was a veritable monster of a hardcore album, seething with vitriol and nihilism, and shot through with massively chugging metal riffs and galloping drums. Easily the Cro-Mags finest hour, and probably tough-guy hardcore's as well, it was a HC classic. Age of Quarrel hit like a bomb, and despite the fact that a few waves of East Coast hardcore bands had already issued their debuts (Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, SSD, DYS, Bad Brains, SOA), it quickly set the pace for albums to follow. This LP contains the orginal track listing of Age Of Quarrel, but the songs are much more raw intense and uncompromising. Tough no bullshit HC right here.

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