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Crisis- Hymns Of Faith LP ~REISSUE! - La Vida Es Un Mus - Dead Beat Records

Crisis- Hymns Of Faith LP ~REISSUE!

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Crisis- Hymns Of Faith LP.  'Hymns Of Faith' by Crisis is finally re-released after some thirty years and yet it seems like only yesterday that I bought it upon its release. For thirty years, I have championed Crisis, like some kind of leper in the musical wilderness. Very few records deserve the tag of classic, but 'Hymns Of Faith' is a classic record! Regulars at legendary London punk haunt The Roxy, they released just two 45s (including the sparky UK ’79) during their lifetime and had barely completed the seven-track on ‘Hymns Of Faith’ before imploding in May 1980. ‘Hymns Of Faith’ is innovative and original, and has never been bettered, yet alone equalled.Their personnel would later re-emerge in cult notables Theatre Of Hate and Death In June.

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