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Criaturas- Espiritu De Libertad LP ~KILLER! - residue - Dead Beat Records

Criaturas- Espiritu De Libertad LP ~KILLER!

$ 11.99

Criaturas- Espiritu De Libertad LP.  The masters of Unholy Rock n’ Roll are at it again with their 2nd LP of insanely driven punk hysteria! An amazing 4 piece band crawling out of Austin, TX featuring members of VAASKA, IMPALERS, KURRAKÄ, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and SIGNAL LOST. Their latest ripper includes 10 bangers featuring Dru’s intense rapid fire vocals that just rage and Victor’s ripping guitar work. This record just drives a steak through your heart with its dark, haunting, catchy, and brilliant energy! This is what punk should sound like with a UK82 Punk feel mixed with classic Spanish HC. Totally raging, intense, and beyond simple punk stereotypes. This LP is one of the best records to come out this year! Cool looking cover art by Alex Ward. RECOMMMENDED!

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