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THE CRETEENS- ‘Burn Your School' 7" - Boom Chick - Dead Beat Records

THE CRETEENS- ‘Burn Your School' 7"

$ 5.00

THE CRETEENS- ‘Burn Your School' 7".  I'm always pleased when a band you've previously found boring (like the 1.5 Creteens records I've heard before this) surprise you with something good. Because I don't want bands to suck. I want them to be good. I get no kick out of penning negative reviews. Really. So, I couldn't be happier that "Co**cksucker" is a pretty amazing cut. I seem to remember this kid's other records being generic trashy garage-junkola. But this one is vicious punk with a peculiar UK-punk sounding influence. It's like cockney-garage or something. The vox really leap out from the mix adding some needed character to the raunch and the guitar/bass has a mean bite to it. Really, this is the best minute-and-a-half of savage garage-punk I've heard in some time.  B-Side is a dragstrip-riot smash-up derby thing with two more organ grinding cuts of savage rock n roll.  Great stuff if you dig bands like the OBLIVIANS, FATALS, MIGHT GO GO PLAYERS, GORIES etc.  THIS COPY IS ON THE WAY LIMITED GREY SWIRLEY WAX!!!

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