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Crappy Dracula- Almost LP - Feral Kid - Dead Beat Records

Crappy Dracula- Almost LP

$ 11.00

Crappy Dracula- Almost LP.  If there were a Top 40 Country artist called Crappy Dracula, I would buy two copies of their album and find some way to like it. Milwaukee’s Crappy Dracula exhibits the counter intuitive quality of being great and being bad at the same time, the mathematical equivalent of their moniker. Like any decent, self-deprecating punk band, half of their songs are terrible and half of them are incredible. Anyone who’s seen them knows that their stage banter is a pillar of their set and there were far too many quotables to take note of any one in particular. Their transition from joke to serious is unnoticeable, because it doesn’t exist. They posses the rare quality of being seriously silly, a highly sought after trait in the world of crappy punk rock. For anyone who hasn’t seen them, they sound like Metal Mike and GG Allin making queef jokes over a bong in a basement with Swell Maps blasting and a sociological epiphany right around the corner. They are very good at what they do: their great songs are truly great, and their shitty songs are unapologetically shitty.   LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WITH A DIGITAL DOWN LOAD!!

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