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Craft Spells- Idle Labor LP - Captured Tracks - Dead Beat Records

Craft Spells- Idle Labor LP

$ 11.49

Craft Spells- Idle Labor LP. Stockton, CA, artist Justin Paul Vallesteros records under the moniker Craft Spells, producing a sort of soft, synthy, dreamy compendium of new wave and 80's pop. Throughout his new album, Idle Labor, Vallesteros infuses a lyrical melancholy into his shifting, emotionally potent music. From the chorus of opening track “For the Ages”, it’s clear that no matter how dance floor-friendly and exciting the music might get, there won’t be any celebratory tracks on this one. Instead, the over-the-top darker lyrics combine with the spot-on New Order make this one a definate downer pop record you will remember. The entire album is special. Voice, instruments, and lyrics are great. This band definitely has that 80's vibe and definately in a good way!

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