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Colour Bük- New Nice Speaker 7”  ~LTD 150 WHITE WAX!

Colour Bük- New Nice Speaker 7” ~LTD 150 WHITE WAX!

$ 6.49
Colour Bük- New Nice Speaker 7”.  Colour Bük are a noise duo out of Long Island and they did a very limited pressing of this single out now on Wir Wollen Wulle Records. The single comes in a fantastic silk-screened cardboard jacket and is limited to only 150 copies on white wax. Colour Buk play with feedback, repetitive noises, and shouted, disjointed banter with the fierce production offering little more than a cloudy murk of lo-fi pulsating noises underneath abrasive guitars that are beat to shit to destroy each tune. Songs like “New Nice Speaker” call for none other than The Fall, Brainbombs and Shellac type comparisons however Colour Buk keep things more skeletal and definitely go way more out there. Expanded minds will enjoy as there’s definitely some beauty trapped beneath the chaos.

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