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Cock Sparrer – True To Yourself 7" - TKO - Dead Beat Records

Cock Sparrer – True To Yourself 7"

$ 6.49

Cock Sparrer – True To Yourself 7". Cock Sparrer are a punk rock band formed in 1972 in the East End of London, England. Although they never enjoyed much commercial success, they are considered one of the most influential streetpunk bands, helping pave the way for the late-1970s punk scene and the Oi! subgenre.  The UK godfathers of Oi! Music offer up a new single here and what treat this one is.  "True To Yourself" is a soaring anthem delivered in true COCK SPARRER style. A live version of the classic "Chip On My Shoulder" is featured on the B-side.  Pretty hard to find as this one was limited to 500 COPIES WORLD WIDE!

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