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Cobalt Cranes- Freak Out 7" - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

Cobalt Cranes- Freak Out 7"

$ 5.99

Cobalt Cranes- Freak Out 7".  Los Angeles-based rock band Cobalt Cranes deal in shades of 60's garage punk, 90's shoegaze, and dusty psych rock. Also relying heavily on the California desert hard rock of the 70's, Tim Foley and Kate Betuel have been writing and recording together since the two met in LA over five years ago. Ranging from the post punk grit of the bands like Sonic Youth and the Vaselines to the classic rock tendencies of The Rolling Stones and Iggy & the Stooges, the influences that have shaped the band and its members are readily apparent in the songs on Cobalt Cranes debut.

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