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Clockcleaner- Nevermind CD > DRUNKS WITH GUNS! - Reptilian - Dead Beat Records

Clockcleaner- Nevermind CD > DRUNKS WITH GUNS!

$ 11.99

Clockcleaner- Nevermind CD.  Loud and ugly brawl rock mixing a hateful stew of wiry hard rock suitable for beating friends and family. This is the band's debut full length and they've grown suitable amputated legs that crawl from the pack of burly scum rock revivalists right to the top of your stereo. A part of the Skull Music Family that the Homostupids founded spitting out diseased fueled tales of urban paranoia from a bad drug party that you can’t seem to leave. Fans of Flipper, Drunks With Guns, The Melvins and Unsane will dig.

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